So why am i experiencing hair loss

Do you find yourself fidgeting or twisting your hair while reading, anxious, or nervous? These are tell tell signs of Trichotillomania.

Holding on to extensions or weaves past the recommended time?

For someone with course thick hair this might not be a issue. But when your hair is fine, thin, or recovering from breakage, the weight of the hair causes your weave to pull back. Now your edges are pulling and snapping off! Surely this will cause Traction Alopecia

Cornrowing in same direction over and over. Using cap weave with protectant - but still applying glue around the edges? This can cause the follicles to close up & scaring.. meaning no more hair growth. Traction Alopecia

There are many more reasons why you could be experiencing hair loss... but guess what?

Today there are many methods and different types of soft units that can not be found in a beauty store or aliexpress.

Recerch for the right stylist that specialize in clients with alopeica.

*Do they offer different options?

*Do they only work with bonding glue?

*Have you visited a trichologist that specializes in the scalp. (I have seen Cortizone Injections do wonders!!!)

Work with a stylist with knowledge and will help with the maintenance your natural hair underneath & your hair enhancements. Keep your scalp clean and fresh with a few drops of Peppermint, Neem, and Caster oil. I use this on my clients.

Consultations are $35. This will be deducted from your hair service if you choose to make an appointment.